I’m Going to Take a Pretty Long Break From Blogging

A few weeks ago, I decided I was done blogging. Then I decided I wasn’t done blogging. Then I decided again that I was done. And then I thought maybe I wasn’t. You get the idea, but here’s the thing: I got this post to publication because I really think I’ve reached some kind of a threshold.

Obviously it wouldn’t be responsible to declare once and for all that I’m done blogging. It shouldn’t be hard to understand why. Starting in January of 2017, I’ve published thirty-seven essays.

Yeah, thirty-seven.

And—you should already know this—they were long essays! And dense essays! But you need to understand it’s only just now that I realized this. It’s gone by so fast I had no clue until recently. Each time—for better or worse—you saw that I’d updated this blog, I promise you weeks to months had gone into it. And it wasn’t like I was bored and needed a hobby. I really wasn’t bored.

I was angry.

Quietly angry, but intensely angry. My styling of anger goes mostly undetected. It’s less likely to manifest as a sudden burst of rage than as four or five months of producing a twelve-part series. I don’t know what that says about me except that when you methodically stick to something with that much passion for so long … you can’t just promise everyone that you’re done now. For me, the very act of stopping will require at least as much discipline as producing. Still, I’ve concluded it would be best to take a pretty long break from blogging, and that is my plan.

Three things to say.

First, if you’re one of my few readers—and I’m very thankful for you!—by now I think you’ve gotten the point. You don’t need this blog anymore. Because, if nothing else, these essays aren’t creative. Each one—and I mean this—is merely a work of translation. Other people have done the hard work behind the ideas I present, and I simply try to make their ideas accessible. I walk a tightrope of presenting them to evangelical fundamentalists—who share my belief in Christ, but have terribly misguided ideas about his purpose—and to secularists—whose values I often believe are much closer to Christ’s values, but who have no idea why their efforts lead nowhere. But other than that, there isn’t much else to all of this, and you’ve got it by now. Go read James Cone or Walter Brueggemann if you really need more. They did the real hard work.

Second, I’m proud of my writings, but they’ve accomplished little. The Americans who most frequently quote the Bible still overwhelmingly support our national policy to mistreat immigrants, still fear religious minorities, still put their faith in only a bigger military, still ignore how our changing climate will destroy communities all over the world, and still privilege the voices of our most rich, powerful, male, and white. Rest assured Christian fundamentalists—this blog has been no threat to you.

Third, it’s time to work on other things now. In particular, I’ve been stabbing around at my first fiction novel for more than a year, and I want to prioritize that. The finished project will probably not be published, but this one is for me. It’s for my mental health. Every one of you, while you have the time, should learn the fundamentals of some discipline and do something with it. You should dare to see something that isn’t yet here.

And that pretty much captures it—this blog requires a lot of work for a small number of readers who by now know what I want known, and I want to do things for me now. I’m not done blogging, but I’m going to take a pretty long break from it.

And I will pay WordPress the required $8 annual fee to keep this stupid and regretful domain name.

4 thoughts on “I’m Going to Take a Pretty Long Break From Blogging

  1. Warren says:

    Chris, your blog and the wonderful essays you produce have been food for the soul and fir for the mind. Have absolutely loved – and been challenged and convicted by – everuthing you have written. Dont think for a minute it your efforts have not had impact – they have, certainly at the individual level. Whatever you do, please be sure the essays are still accessible online. Better yet, you are pretty close to having a book written already when you take them together – that would be a nice publishing project as well.

    So before you disapprear from the scene for a while: Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

    Warm regards, Warren

    • Warren,

      Your readership means the world to me. I’m aware of a small number of individuals who have reached out to me in thanks for my work. This hasn’t been a waste of time, and I’m being earnest when I say that I’m not done with it. I just for a while want to work on other projects that open up more creative space for me. I still work through a lot of self doubt about that work, but I started this blog with a lot of self doubt too, and…37 blog posts later here we are.

  2. Chris. Outstanding contribution, thank you. I have no idea how I stumbled across your blog but am very grateful that I did. It’s the blog I’d like to have written if I had the wit and commitment to do the work involved to present compelling, rationale positions in a creative and engaging way. As a work of translation, it’s bloody good! So kudos to you from a fellow frustrated traveller in Australia where we too have our unfair share of bizarre, self-centred and sad misrepresentations of the fascinating stories that seek to unfold the mystery and delight of faith. Every Blessing. Phil

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