Flying Over Pinnacle Mountain

I flew with my best friend, Air Force Captain Kasey King, in a Piper Cherokee this Independence Day weekend, and thought I’d share a short video I made as we passed Pinnacle Mountain.

The scary part of the otherwise unforgettable flight happened when the sun came out and the small cockpit got just a bit hot. Because I thought it possible that I might get a little sick as the small plane was being bounced around from the turbulence coming off the hilly landscape below us, I set my plastic bag beside me just in case I suddenly needed it. However, apparently there was a small gap in the cockpit door, because—to my horror—it got sucked out of the plane. Now if I threw up, it was going to be on my lap.

Fortunately, my friend Kasey is a good pilot, and we landed without any incident. But I will never forget having something of mine fly out of a plane!

UPDATE: Here’s a picture I took above the 5th and 6th holes at Alotian.



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