Any Excuse To Watch A Miles Davis Concert

Humans share this planet among organisms without number. And our animal neighbors are full of creativity. The male bird of paradise meticulously creates elaborate performances to attract females; chimpanzees and sea otters use stone hammers to open their respective foods; ants build tunnel cities. The tireless work of scientists never ceases to uncover beautiful, sometimes-hidden creative treasures of the animal world.

Humans are unique not because we create. We are unique because of the diversity of our creation. We make iron into steel. We make steel into all sorts of shapes. And then we put those shapes into all kinds of configurations for all kinds of purposes.

We make things fly and travel really fast. Sometimes we leave the ground. Sometimes we leave the Earth.

We conform to our will things smaller than our eyes can detect. We set in motion things that reach farther that our eyes can detect. Sometimes these things leave the solar system.

We challenge norms, and break rules.

And we express ourselves. We create language—sometimes with words, sometimes with sounds.


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